Cutest Sushi Cat Plush Charm!


Hi everyone! ^^ Today we wanna share the cutest sushi cat plush charm from Amuse Japan! *Weeeee~~*

divider37 divider37

We fell in love with these sushi cat when I first saw them from Amuse >_<  They have an official name “Nekozanmai” Each sushi cat is carrying different meat, such as tuna, salmon, Cooked shrimp & wasabi!


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Vending At Miami Dade Youth Fair & Expo ~

miami dade youth fair

Hi Guys! We got exciting news to share with you! We are vending at the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair & Expo this year!!!! YAY! 😀

This will be the FIRST time trying out local Fair, and we hope not only making good sales but also promote our business to the local community <3

Here are few pictures showing what we selling at our booth. If you are planning to attend the Fair, please PLEASE stop by our booth and have a chat with us. We LOVE to say HELLO to you all ^_^






sloth and alpacasso


poteusa loppy amuse japan

sailor moon

ruru victoria harajuku t



Beside Youth Fair, we are set to attend Supercon Retro at April 14th – 16th. SO, if you are planning to attend this awesome anime convention, PLEASE also stop by and say Hello to us. 🙂


Hope you guys have a great day and see you at the Fair & Supercon Retro! 🙂 <3 <3 <3


New Plush from Amuse Japan, SO Cute!

pometan amuse

◊New Plush from Amuse Japan, SO Cute! ◊

Hi guys! We recently received whole bunch of cuties from Amuse Japan and we can’t wait to share it with you! <3


hedgehog_originalThey are the newest characters from Amuse. I’m SO impressed with the design and how smart they thought about creating a hedgehog plush series.

You may not know, hedgehog is very popular pet in Japan. If you search on Internet or on Instagram,  you will see lots of cute pictures about them ^^ I can’t imagine to have a hedgehog as pet (Will they sting my hands? O_o) LOL. xD I’m GLAD that Amuse have hedgehog plush, so I can pet them and kiss them whenever I want without worry about their sticks…xD

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Ruru Victoria Sponsor & Promoter Spot Search, Now Open

Ruru Victoria Sponsor & Promoter Spot Search, Now Open

Ruru Victoria is happy to announce that sponsor & promoter spot search is now open!

If you LOVE kawaii stuffs and is active & engaging with your followers, please contact us here: 


Ruru Victoria always seeking promoters/influencers to raise brand awareness


– Active & engaging with your followers on Social Media

– Live in U.S. or Canada

– At least 5K followers on YouTube OR

– At least 10K followers on Instagram, Facebook

Good, quick communication through emails and/or PM

– Able to produce high quality video & photos.

– If qualified, you’ll receive free selected items from us

– Free gifts if purchase from our store

– Sponsor Giveaway for your followers



Anyone can promote our shop or on a specific item

– Will get an unique code and earn 2% Store Credits for each sale made with your code

– Discount on your own orders

♠ Tag us on Instagram (@ruruvictoria)

♠ Tag us on Facebook (Ruru Victoria Online Shop)

Qualified cuties can send following info to us:

– Introduce yourself.

– Social Media link(s)

– Type of item you’re interested

– Your way to promote our item and/or brand.

Thank you & Let’s grow together!

Last update: Oct. 2016




Review for Ruru Victoria Clothing, Harajuku Style, NOW!

 Harajuku Ruru Victoria Clothing Review, NOW!

Hi guys! We want to write a little bit about our recent launched clothing line; Ruru Victoria Clothing Line.

Ruru Victoria Clothing line was launched on May 2016, we focus on Kawaii style and/or Harajuku Street style. 🙂 You might be familiar our store slogan: Kawaii Inspired 100%. Yup, our entire store is kawaii inspired including our clothing line. Here are few of the current 2016 Summer/Fall collection from Ruru Victoria Clothing line. 🙂

Ruru Victoria clothing Mystic Stars Shirt

Mystic Star

Ruru Victoria clothing Narwhal Shirt

Narwhal T-Shirt Is one of our best selling shirt. Aqua blue with cute Narwhal and sea stars, super kawaii shirt!


Ruru Victoria clothing Eyescream Shirt Sky

EyesCream (Sky) The perfect shirt for October!

Do you like kimo kawaii (creepy cute) style? Well, Eyescream surely will make everyone jealous 🙂 Our special creepy cute design is SUPER fun and cute ;P

Ruru Victoria clothing Eyescream Shirt baby

Eyescream Shirt (Baby) If you like pastel, you will like this pretty baby color design. All T-Shirt are made with 90% cotton with 10% spandex. Fabric feels soft and bit stretch.

Ruru Victoria clothing Eyescream sweater blue

Eyescream sweater Blue This is one of our Fall collection. We thought it will be cute to design something for the Fall.

Ruru Victoria clothing Eyescream sweater

Eyescream sweater Pink Our sweaters are made with 100% Polyester, it can’t be stretched. Therefore for comfort sake, we suggest that you order one size bigger than your normal size. The material also feels thinner, so you can layer over with jackets or turtleneck underneath.

Well, we hope you liked what we have prepared. New clothing will be released around Dec for Spring/Summer 2017, so please visit our web shop for more information. Follow us on Instagram: @ruruvictoria or on Facebook: Ruru Victoria Online Shop.

Thank you so much for reading this, have a great Wednesday! 🙂


Love, Ruru

It is here! The Cutest Bag; Ruru Lucky Bag, Available Now!

♥ It is here! The Cutest Bag; Ruru Lucky Bag, Available Now!

FINALLY IT’S HERE! Our very own ucky bag, yay! ^_^

Hi Guys! its time to make a news announcements 😀 Wow, we are excited to share with you all! Many new things will happen in this Summer!

tumblr_m3c7bjYvee1qb1380 tumblr_m3c7bjYvee1qb1380

Ruru Lucky Bag

We ALWAYS wanted to do this lucky bag but was afraid that no one will be interested :S But, since Ruru loves to try new things she decided to try “Lucky Bag” for Convention & Online.

We started our 1st batch at Florida Supercon this July!, and online for 2nd batch!

There will be a slightly difference for both batches. For Convention goers, you will have a chance to win a LARGE size of Alpaca if you get the “Lucky Number“.

What’s included in the bag?

Well, it’s a secret! tumblr_inline_mfnjdbfuC71qdlkyg  Items in the bag: Amuse plush, something kawaii, cute and something surprise! Every bag is bit different, therefore you’ll never know what’s inside! Some bags even get store coupon and other promo items! Ah, all lucky bags comes with exclusive designed drawstring bag! You can reuse the bag anywhere; school or convention. Bringing kawaii wherever you may go <3


ruru lucky bag

tumblr_lfhtvm2TN91qzvcyt    tumblr_lfhtvm2TN91qzvcyt

Ruru Apparel Line

We have our very own clothing line! YAY! We are SUPER excited! Our clothing line is focusing Harajuku  & kawaii style. Collection will expand through out year. Please make sure to visit our website this Summer 🙂

ruru clothing line narwhal-summer-bubble

We will have new collections coming out in Fall, full with mysterious and harvest colors. Harvest colors? huh? Haha, it’s orange-ish, purple-ish kinda color that we’re familiar when Fall comes <3 Hopefully we can feature it very soon!


tumblr_lfhtvm2TN91qzvcyt    tumblr_lfhtvm2TN91qzvcyt

SO many exciting news that we wanna share with you! 😀 So, our next post is about our another great con experience at Florida Supercon! Stay tuned and see all these cute customers and Cosplayers!

P.S. We are currently looking for promoters to promote our brand. If you think you are kawaii and love Japanese fashion styles, please contact us through the Shop “Contact” page. let’s work together <3



Thank you guys, happy Monday <3


How lovely! Alpaca Lovely from Amuse Review

How lovely! Alpaca Lovely from Amuse Review <3


Hi guys!

It’s FINALLY spring! Weather has been pretty nice in Florida, but still hotter than most of the States =_= I just hope I won’t get heat stroke during Summer, haha.

I am SO ready to attend conventions! I have full convention schedule posted on “Convention” page. You can check it out, we might go to your local convention one day 🙂

Oh yeah, today I wanna share a short review on my newest Alpaca collection that I got from Amuse Japan.

The New collection called “Lovely”. They are indeed look lovely; round and cute looks. 🙂 This time, they included a very pastel (almost like light pink) purple in the collection, which I think it’s awkward but nice color. They usually have it in white, pink, brown and either yellow or cream. hmm. Anyway, this is a super nice collection, I’m glad I got them!

alpaca lovely

We got 16cm medium size and they looked ADORABLE!

Each one of them are well made, using fluffy fabric which is nice to the touch. They’ve improved legs, so they can stand still and not fall like before. tumblr_m4387lrzQ71r017k2


Yuki-chan & Lavender-chan

As you can see from the picture, they got very light purple…well lavender color. I think it’s kinda nice color.

I think Amuse is taking turns to make between llama and alpacas. Last month, they had Moko Moko collection which is llamas and now Lovely are alpaca.


I started to appreciate larger size alpaca. I used to like smaller size because I can take them anywhere, but I started to like the medium size as well, I think they are PERFECT for collectors and for shelf display.



Aren’t they looked cute?


A little size comparison with the ball chain size. ( The little one was from Prince Charming collection while back, Its not for sale. I was just using that for size comparison purpose. ^_^)


Here is a short video for you


Kirarin Star will be the next release in June

alpaca kirarin 6

Mint color will be added in this collection 🙂 nice!

We might get this collection but not sure which size yet.

Poteusa Loppy & Namakemono Mikke are coming!

Poteusa Loppy & Namakemono No Mikke Japan are coming from Japan! YAY!



Poteusa Loppy Backpack

poteusa loppy backpack

It has been almost 2 years since I got Loppy backpack from Japan. I thought it was going to be a “regular” release like other collections. Meh, I was WRONG! Loppy backpack didn’t come back till 2 years later!!! 🙁

We were lucky to get few Poteusa Loppy backpack this time! Well, I only managed to get 8 of them from Amuse. Can you believe it? They are SUPER POPULAR! Now, cuties are on their way and we’re offering VERY LIMITED quantities to our online customers. Rest of them will go to convention in May (Megacon in Orlando, FL) <3


Namakemono No Mikke ぬいぐるみ ナマケモノのみっけ(まったり日ver)

namakemono no mikke sloth

This is one of my “wish-to-get” plush since last year!

Ever since Amuse debuted this cute Mikke sloth, I’m in LOVE with their cutederpy looking faces! LOL! xD

Since it was a new character, I wasn’t sure how this is going to be. Amuse will test the market with any new character AND if reactions/feedbacks were good, then they will start collection/series with the same character till people want no more. As you may noticed Alpacasso are released bi-monthly instead of monthly now.

Since this is the 2nd version of Mikke, I felt more confident that this “sloth” will “live” for quiet some times, haha.

Ok, I GOT MIKKE! They are on their way to meh!!! tumblr_lj3zx2kgt11qcfn0j

These cute sloth are listed in the shop for Pre-Order. I will make a short video once I get them. Of course, these are going to Megacon, Supercon…etc till I finish. ;P Should you want a set, just drop me a note! ♥


I’ll be writing new items soon. Oh, and convention experience as vendor, in case you’re interested O_o

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday, Can’t wait to eat sashimi with Mama, LOL. Oh, for those of you prefer look pictures than reading, you can follow my Instagram account RURUVICTORIA 

I don’t post a lot of pictures, but I will try my best to keep you up to date 🙂


First time using align center, not sure how posts will look >_< Let me know if you don’t like it. :3

Kawaii Poteusa Loppy Field Invasion!

Kawaii Poteusa Loppy Field Invasion! <3


Harrow guys!  Today I wanna share with you the new loopy bunnies that I got from Amuse Japan!


I was planning to get the mini loppy since it is our first time ordering. Unfortunately, 10cm were all “Sold Out” -_- I have no choice but to buy the larger size. I was very excited when I got them, they are very cute and huggable! I’m very happy that I bought the larger one. It’s PERFECT for Lolita or anyone wants a little bunny plush. You can take them around while traveling <3 <3


Look at the whole farm field family! They are all in the field getting fresh strawberry and carrot 🙂

There are 2 new members in this collection; Pitan ( Gray) & Kantorin (medium brown). They both have white marks around their mouth, so kawaii ne~ ^_^

poteusa loppy

I like Kantorin the best! I don’t know if is his color or just the white mark.. lol but he’s super adorable! I’m planning to keep these 3 in my collection! I will take Kantorin with me if I travel ^^ Starting to take pictures and videos :3emo


Everybody sit still! 😀


Wha… you’re kissing me Kantorin ^///^

What’s your favorite Poteusa Loppy?



Ruru Victoria Goes to Florida Supercon!

Ruru Victoria Goes to Florida Supercon! What to sell – part II

Hi guys! I wanna cover little bit about us attending Florida Supercon next weekend. The LARGEST Comic Con in Miami, Florida Supercon 2015 is South Florida’s Comic Book, Anime, Animation, Video Game, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Pop Culture Convention.

supercon2015Photo credit to Florida Supercon

Since this will be the first time for us attending such a big convention (overall attendee 4,0000 in 2014), we are SUPER EXCITED & Worried! >_< Arhh, What to sell? Is the biggest worry that we’re facing.

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[New Item] Samurai Dragon Warrior Is Coming To Get You!

[New Item] Samurai Dragon Warrior Is Coming To Get You!

We are SO excited to introduce you our new clothing line! We’ve been through a lot of thinking whether we should carry clothing or not. Well, the decision is clear, we happy to add Clothing as one of our category in our shop. Expect more clothing & accessories from us!


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RuRu Victoria at Miami HUrricon 2014~

RuRu Victoria at Miami HUrricon 2014~

It’s been a while since my last post! After came back from Megacon I was working on my next convention…which is Hurricon.

Hurricon is small convention managed by University of Miami. I love this con, why? Because it was my FIRST ever convention as vendor. I liked atmosphere and the people. They are all super nice! icon smile Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014 This is why I decided to come back <3

I wanted to introduce many new collections/creation from my studio…I think I was trying too hard to accomplish everything BUT thank GOD! And with my Mom’s help I was able to finish what I wanted.

hurricon Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014


Baby Buns

IMG 9998 600x600 Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014

This was the first plush that I created. I wanted to introduce these cute bunnies to my customers and also want to know their feedback and reaction about the bunny. At the end, I can say, BABY BUNS are the cutest thing ever!! Everyone who came to my table loved these little buns :3 I guess, Baby Buns will be a regular collection in my shop!

Haru Taro

IMG 8818 600x600 Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014

Haru Taro was the 2nd plush that I created. I LOVED these furry creatures! They are very soft and fluffy. I made each one of them have different facial expression. I found out that a lot of guys liked these furry monsters. I’m very surprised icon biggrin Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014

I only have 1 white left from convention, rest of the Haru Taro were sold. OH MY GOODNESS!! This is such a good news! I am so happy that customers are actually having fun with Haru Taro. When I make more, I’ll post a video on “How do you play with Haru Taro” xD

Aside from plush, I got the usual items such as alpacasso and amigurumi plush. I didn’t have time to make a lot but I managed to make 2, one for my customer’s order and 1 for the convention. :3

Besides selling, I had a great time at the convention. My family and friends came over visit me. They were next to my table and trying to help me xD I’m SO grateful that I got support from my family. They don’t look at me like a weird person ( maybe I’m already weird to them, LOL). My SIL even gonna help me at the convention in the future, WOW!  :3

Here are few pictures that I took at the convention… didn’t have much time to take many selfie, but next time I’ll make sure to take TONS of pics for memories <3

IMG 0050 600x450 Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014

My table <3


IMG 0051 600x800 Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014

Haru Taro and I icon biggrin Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014


IMG 0052 600x800 Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014

Me as Makoto from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ^^


IMG 0061 600x450 Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014

Cute Lolitas icon biggrin Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014


IMG 0062 600x800 Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014


IMG 9971 600x600 Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014

Cuties in my shop…


IMG 0125 600x600 Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014

Photo collage…with friends & family. I’m SO lucky <3

I will return back to Hurricon next year! icon biggrin Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014 Follow me on Instagram to see my cosplay pictures OR subscribe my blog icon razz Kawaii Amigurumi at Hurricon 2014

Thank you SO much for reading it and I hope you have a great Wednesday ~ GBU

[New Collection] Baby Bunny Plush, Handmade Clay Ceramic Watch

♥ [New Collection] Baby Bunny Plush, Handmade Clay Ceramic Watch ♥

Hi guys! Long time no write! 😀 Came back from Megacon  few weeks ago and I had a good time! Right now I’m working on new item for my shop and upcoming convention (Hurricon). If any of you planning to attend this convention, please stop by and say hello! 🙂

Okie, here are the new items that I want to feature in the convention, I’ll also list it in my shop, so, keep checking!

baby bun1

Introducing this cute bunny series. He’s made with super soft minky and beautiful floral cotton fabrics. Completely handmade with love! This lovely bun has different colors combination, I will post it on my Instagram (MarlinX) later this week. Baby bun is very soft, you will not stop kissing his cheeks, I LOVE this cute bunny! <3 <3

baby bun

This is Baby Bun with Moo Moo. Moo Moo is part of our 2014 Spring collection. He’s a furry monster keychain. Made with super soft faux fur. Completely handmade with kawaii decora ordered from Japan. As you can see even his face is hand sewn.  I only have very limited Moo Moo left in the shop, get it while it’s available! Moo Moo has 2 colors : cream and chocolate.

baby bunny

Moo Moo is roughly about 4 inches tall, Baby Bun is about 12inches (including ears)


Korean Handmade Ceramic Watch


So very excited to receive information from my Korean vendor! Here is the newest collection from MiNi watch. The Ceramic watch.



It has all the luxury without breaking your wallet!

– Ceramic and stainless steel casing

– Waterproof

– Czech diamond crystal

– Pearl inlay

– Handmade/ paint Fimo clay

– Seashell dial

– 3 D layer design

– Citizen watch movement

– 2 years battery


This watch will also be featuring in Hurricon also pre-order in my shop. Take 10% off discount when check-out to get this watch 😀 This is PERFECT gift for someone loves kawaii elements. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll reveal more new items in coming weeks.

Wanna find out my Megacon experience and see photos? Please visit my other blog:


Thank you and have a great day~~~

Instagram : MarlinX

Amigurumi & Cosplay blog:

Youtube: ruruvictoria

Flower Crown Alpacasso Video

Flower Crown Alpacasso Video

Flower Alpacasso

FINALLY have the time to make a short video about this cute collection “Flower Crown Kids Alpacasso”

Just got back from Megacon convention, I am really tired but don’t wanna delay making video…cause new March collection will be here soon >_< Sorry about the late video -_-

I think February collection is aiming for Romance. All alpacasso are wearing flower crowns that reminds me of flower girls in the wedding 😛 I think this is great gifts for wedding couples <3

I hope you’ll enjoy this short video, I personally liked the music very much ^^ All alpacasso are available in the shop and you can get 10% off when you check out with code iLoveRuRu14 

 Kawaii Flower Crown Alpacasso Plush

This collection:

Size: 13cm

Material feels: longer fur, very soft ouch. Very nicely done with the flower crown

Color: White, Yellow & Pink

Where to buy?

Ship worldwide


Flower crown alpaca

Flower crown alpacasso

Flower crown alpacasso1

Subscribe my blog and newsletter to receive coupon and new item re-order.

Have a great day!


[Pre-Order] March Alpacasso “Ribbon” collection Now Open~


♥ [Pre-Order] March Alpacasso “Ribbon” collection Now Open~ ♥ 

This is a special March collection, Ribbon set!

Since majority of the alpacasso are going to Hurricon (Anime Convention). Therefore we are only accept 5 orders max. 1 per customer, so get yours first before it’s gone!

Pre-Order is starting today till the quota (5 orders) is finished!!

march alpacasso preorder

Alpacasso Ribbon collection (13cm)

Please let me know by telling me the letters

$25 ( Shipping to U.S. included )

Outside of U.S.: $4.00 shipping

I’m trying something new here; the price is included domestic shipping within U.S.. If you live outside of U.S., just pay $4.00 postage to cover the packing & handling  🙂

Please provide me the following information, so I can send you invoice:

* Name

* Address

* PayPal email

You can ask me questions by commenting below or send PM over my Facebook page :

Thank you very much supporting my little shop!

Usagi & Hitsuji amigurumi from Anime Karneval

Usagi & Hitsuji amigurumi from Anime Karneval ♣

YAY!!!! I finally finished this custom order!!  HAPPY~~~  There were some difficulties during the making these amigurumi, but thank God, I overcome these troubles 🙂


“Good evening Master, welcome home!”


I enjoyed very much creating these two anime characters! I love Karneval a lot, it’s sad that they are not making for 2nd season, really hope they will!

I was planning to crochet usagi (bunny) & hitsuji (sheep) outfits BUT something came up and I NEVER could make their hats straight… so blah -_- I gave up!!!! Instead of crochet their outfit, I used wool felt to make their cloaks and top hat. Since both cuties have very fancy hats, I used pearl beads and lace flowers to decorate their hats. For usagi’s cloak, I used mini buttons instead of felt to make cloak look better. Love it!


Fly usagi, Fly!

Took me two nights to finish both outfits. Hitsuji has prettier rose on his hat 😀 I don’t know why I didn’t give usagi one but he has a fancy white heart button, so I guess that counts too. >_<


These cuties are going to a very good home. I know their owners will love them and treasure them. ah~ ^__^ That makes me really happy <3 Thank you for liking my amigurumi


I’m a bunny lover, so I took usagi more than hitsuji, hehehe.

not fair!” hitsuji said


Don’t you agree? He SO adorable and I like his facial expression…so serious, haha.


Ok, ok, here is hitsuji….he’s a serious sheep who wants to protect his masters. 😀

I’m not sure if I want to make another set, but, I can make usagi ONLY through custom order. If you’re interested, send me a note or comment below. Please note that the working time will be at least 2 weeks per plush. Since I have a lot of pending orders and making new designs at the same time. >_<


Color manipulation. I really like this aquamarine color. I’m hoping that I can buy yarns with this color… D: I gotta shop really hard again! I WANT THIS COLOR~ >_<

Ah, almost forgot! I’ll attend Hurricon,  a one-day anime convention on April 19th. I’m on the process design my new plush (nuigurumi)! They will featured in the convention. SO, if you are living in South Florida please, PLEASE come! They offer free admission, so please come and say hello! ^^ If you cosplay, I’d LOVE to take picture with you! I’ll be cosplay Makoto from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club! xD not the swimsuit version but the version where they wear jackets? Hopefully it’s not too hot for me @[email protected]

Have a great day~ I’m going to finish another custom order now >_<

Animate! Miami Anime Convention 2014

♥ Animate! Miami Anime Convention 2014 ♥

Haven’t update this blog for quiet some time now because I was busy preparing my first ever convention, attending Animate!Miami anime convention!

It’s a smaller convention compare to others. 2013 only had about 5000 attendees but report said this year they have about 10,000 attendees! Wow, I was happy to know that. Hopefully next year they will grow into a bigger convention!

Anyway,  I had a great time… too bad that I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I was busy meeting new people and working ( really?lol). 😛 Me and my friend cosplay during the convention. It was fun! I enjoyed a lot and hopefully we can go to conventions to sell things together.

ruru victoria booth

ruru victoria booth

We were there the day before to set up the booth. We had NO idea what to setup or how to make our booth look nicer, but we did a fantastic job, isn’t? 🙂


Cute unicorn next to our booth, an excellent icon for convention! I’m considering to make one, this is TOO cute <3

ruru alpacasso

Taking few pictures with my cute alpacasso! It was cold so earmuffs are PERFECT! 😀 Of course the fun part was when we cosplay ^^ Here are few cosplay pictures for you to enjoy 😀

junko pin

This gift was from the vendor next to us. I was told that they were very excited because they saw my store name. I found out that they’re my Facebook followers!!! OH MY! Such as small world isn’t it? 🙂 I LOVE these cute pins, they even gave me an alpacasso pin! I was wearing it during the whole convention, I LOVE IT 🙂 Thank you thank you! ♥


junko enoshima mar

Here is my Junko Enoshima cosplay! I took it while I had a little time. This cute mint flavor bear was sold to a lovely Mikasa <3

junko enoshima cos

I made the little bird (On top of my head), a lot of people bought them, I’m very happy and surprised  ^^

mikasa and eren amigurumi

MIKASA & EREN!!!!!! Mikasa bought 3 of my amigurumi, I was like :O I am SO happy that someone liked my work! ♥

She’s ordering a custom made Usagi & Hitsuji (Karneval) from me!!! OMG! 😀 I’m working on it atm and will post WIP in here shortly.


sushi monster

This is Sushi Monster, she’s the guest cosplayer from the convention. She’s very pretty and skinny O__O oh my goodness, I wish I am THAT skinny >_< She bought a pink alpacasso from me. I was shy to ask her for picture but my friend encouraged me, so I ran to her for picture. She’s very friendly <3

korean handmade watch

One of the feature item from my shop in 2014 is Korean handmade Clay Watch! These babies are hot sale items in convention. Good results! I think I’m going to carry this item from now on in my shop. If you’re interested, you can visit my shop. ^^

fish japan

Little snack for hardworking ladies <3 <3 Mr.Baird’s Gaijin Taiyaki was DELICIOUS! I don’t like chocolate BUT this chocolate toffee taste great! I think I can eat that again and again 😛 LOL!


ruru victoria

This is taken at the first day of the convention by our friend Paul, from ManStudio Photography. Check out his facebook page, he’s an amazing photographer! Very nice guy! 😀

marlinx cosplay

I thought would be fun to make a photo collage 😀 I had a best time ever selling at the convention. Not because it’s a business but I got a chance to meet new people, making new friends…oh and of course, lots of pictures!! xD

soushi and alpacasso

This is my favorite picture, kissing my tissue box alpacasso ^^ She’s available for adoption, man, this alpacasso wants to work for you ^___^ Who wants to adopt her, hehehe.

I want to thank my friend’s support during our short 3 day convention. Without their help, I won’t survive 🙁 They are AMAZING ladies and I LOVE THEM! I’m still waiting for an open spot for our dinner date ladies *wink wink* :3

My next possible convention as vendor is Hurricon in April. I hope to have enough time to reveal new items. I will post in here as time progresses. OH OH, if you’re going to Megacon in March, please let me know so we can have pictures together and exchange coscard! ^__^


Follow us on:

Instagram: marlinx



Take care~~

Kids Alpacasso Prince Charming Collection Going to Animate! Miami

♥ Kids Alpacasso Prince Charming Collection Going to Animate! Miami ♥

Hi Guys! Just received the newest collection from Japan “Prince Charming”. They looked adorable and cute.

Prince Charming comes with five different colors; White, Beige, Pink, Purple and Blue. They are super soft and fluffy, I think this is with most detail alpacasso collection ever!

alpacasso prince charming

These are the one that I received…. k-a-w-a-i-i- ♥

kids alpacasso plush

I love the blue Prince Charming, very nice color xD

Kids alpacasso plush

Each of them is wearing a golden crown, a ruffle lace on their necks, a very cute cloak!

kids alpacasso plush

They are READY to meet everyone at the Animate! Miami convention on Jan 17th ~19th. If you live in Florida and able to attend this convention PLEASE come and say hello to us!

OMG! I just remembered, the Si-Fi channel’s “Heroes of Cosplay” will be shooting at the Animate! Miami on Saturday mainly coverying the Cosplay costume competition! I’m SO excited and ready to be there and watch the show! 😀 I might meet Ya Ya Han! xD

kids alpacasso plush tokyo

All Prince Charming will be available at the convention for discounted price. Any leftovers will be listed in my shop after Jan 20th. I will not be getting any Prince Charming collection, instead, I will try to get the Love Alpacasso forValentine’s Day. If you are looking for a cute gift for GF/BF, please visit my store 😀 RuRu Victoria Online Shop

Thank you~  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥




Animate Miami 2014, My First Ever Convention, Excited!

♥ Animate Miami 2014, My First Ever Convention, Excited! ♥

I’m SO excited to announce that RuRu Victoria is going to attend Animate Miami 2014!

animate miami 2014

We’ll be going as vendor and it’s going to be FUN and exciting new experience! If you live in Florida and planning to attend Animate Miami, please do come and say hello, I’d LOVE to meet all of you!

AH! I got SO many things that I want to share but I HAVE TO wait until everything is finalized!

At this moment, I know that I will have the NEWEST Alpacasso collection and many unique handmade items exclusively for the convention,  a Raffle .

My blog subscribers will receive  Special Convention Coupon , bring it with you 🙂

More details will be released soon, please “Like” our Facebook page and don’t forget to tell your friends to subscribe the our blog to receive Special Convention Coupon!

animate miami 2014

More information will be released soon on our Facebook page! 🙂


Kawaii Baby Kid’s Alpacaffe Video Review

♥ Kawaii Baby Kid’s Alpacaffe Video Review ♥


Ever wonder what these cuties alpacasso plush looked like? Look no further! Here is the video that I made just for you!



Kawaii Baby Kid’s Alpacaffe Review

Enjoy the video and subscribe my Youtube channel to watch more cute stuffs!  Wish everyone have a great Thursday ^___^

Kid’s Alpacaffe Are Here To Serve You!

♦ Kid’s Alpacaffe Are Here To Serve You! ♦


I’m SO excited to receive these cuties! Finally they arrived safely and sound without stuck in Customs this time! I was wondering which Alpacaffe is more popular than others, so I ran a quick survey on my Facebook page. I found out that they are ALL popular, it’s hard to chose! ^__^ So, I decided to get them all!


These adorable cuties are approximately 12 cm high and well made. First generation Alpacasso Kids couldn’t stand that well but after few series, they are standing tall and cute!


Yuki “open” chan!


Cute side shot!


Each Alpacaffe staff is wearing dark green coffee cup plastic tag. I love the design very much, it looked very much like Starbucks! ^^


Yuki “maid” chan is wearing pretty pink apron


I love the side shot, they got perfect cute little nose and pointy nose, so adorable!


Base Jr “Welcome” chan~


Amuse even made a special label for this collection to fit the “coffee” them ^^ Love it.


Momo “maid” chan. Is the lady in pink! She’s wearing cute blue apron~


Oh, Momo, why are you so cute? :3

They are available in the shop if you want to find out more about them. I’m planning to make a product video soon, so please come back to check the video if you want to watch them in live action!

I also took some pictures with these alpacaffe, I love all these pictures ^_^ I hope you will like them too!


Looks like Alpacaffe staffs are having after work party, would you like to join them? Have fun!


I heard wedding bells~~~~ O___o I realized I made it looked like a wedding picture! Aww ^_^ Love it!!


My next post will reveal something really exciting, so please come back and find out what’s going on~ ^___^ Thank you so much and have a great day ♥




3CE UV Fresh Fluid Review

♥ 3CE UV Fresh Fluid Review  ♥


I was searching all over the Internet trying to find reviews on 3CE UV Fresh Fluid but I couldn’t. So, I thought maybe I should write a simple review to help others. I am a “read-reviews-before-purchase” type of person. I don’t really believe 100% of what review said since it’s a personal experience and it might not apply to my case,  BUT I do put it into consideration before I purchase something, specially makeups.

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Cute Japanese Emoji Alpacasso

Cute Japanese Emoji Alpacasso


Have you ever tried Japanese emojicons? I’m sure you do because it’s a popular way to display your facial expression over the Internet!

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Kawaii Japan Fashion This Fall

♥ Kawaii Japan Fashion In This Fall ♥

こんにちは (Kon’nichiwa)!  I love Japan kawaii fashion! Every time I see their fashion magazines I have huge craving to buy their clothes, OMG, I wonder if you all have the same feeling like me. >_< I like Japan and Korean’s fashion, they both have distinctive styles. Japan tends to have more “kawaii” element in their design. In contrary, Korean’s fashion is towards elegant, clean design. I LOVE both! ^^

513156-06 514341-01

Don’t you love the red plaid dress? It is so かわいい!!

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Japan Fashion Outlook From RuRu

♥ J-Fashion Outlook From RuRu ♥


Hi guys! I wanted to post Japan fashion for the longest time! Since I did not find the style that I really like, therefore I didn’t want to post anything. Sorry being strange but the “fashion” I like isn’t necessarily the current fashion. So, if my style doesn’t suits you… sowwy >_< LOL.

I also want to do reviews on Korean cosmetics. Recently visited Korea and I LOVE their cosmetics! I was trying to find out reviews on some of the products that I bought from Korea from Youtube BUT, can’t find any. So I decided to make my own review. I’m still thinking to make a video? or just blog with lots of pictures. Hmm, I think later choice is faster and easier for me. (less editing…hehehe)  What do you think? Should I show ma face to the world and scare everyone in front of their monitors OR just posting lots of Before & After photos?

Here we go, my pick of the day


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Makeup Review EM by Michelle Phan

♥ Makeup Review EM by Michelle Phan ♥

Hi guys!

I guess a lot of you already heard that the Youtube makeup guru Michelle Phan created her own makeup line called “EM”. I was SO excited because there are few products that I’m really really interested.

I guess her makeup line has sort of Korean influence, this is what I like about her line. Unfortunately I can’t afford to purchase her entire makeup line but I’ve managed to buy the most important item which I THINK I’ll love to use…” Makeup Mood Enhancer” . I bought “Dewy Skin” which has pearl white sparkling effect.

Picture 5

I really liked the mood enhancer, it will brighten my skin or I can use it as highlight on my cheekbone or nose.

The mood enhancer is light and it has sparkling ingredients. Dewy skin doesn’t have any color so it’s perfect to mix with any foundation to add shine. This will make your foundation look more radiant and with the light reflection, it will sort of “hide” large pores and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. 🙂 thumbs up for light reflection!

2nd item that I got is “The great cover up” Very sad that I bought the wrong color 🙁 I bought light warm. It’s too yellow and dark for me. I should’ve chosen either light cool or fair neutral 🙁 Oh, well. I’m not a big fan of concealer. I use ONLY when I have to cover my sun spots on special occasion -_- Yup, I do get sun spots easily….because I have fair skin.

Picture 9

The concealer feels thick, I suggest to apply small amount and pat on the area.

Picture 12

Sorry for the ugly hand -_- I really need to take care my hand by applying hand cream! You should see the small amount of concealer and right under it was the blended concealer. You can see it is “floating” on my skin? That’s either too thick or the color isn’t match my skin tone. Make sure to select right color.

I find Michell’s website hard to select right colors because every monitor displays different tone and you’ll be gambling when buying…like me -_- Overall I do like her product and wish to buy more in the future such as lip balm and eye shadows!

OK, I hope you enjoyed this little blog. Please let me know what other products that you want to see review on ^^ I’m currently restructuring the whole blog site. I’m trying to write interesting things such as beauty, fashion, kawaii items more.


Cute Kids Alpacasso Collection Review


♥ Cute Kids Alpacasso Collection Review ♥

Hi guys! I thought it will be fun to do a quick review on alpacasso collections. Starting from this month, I’ll be doing a short review on alpacasso plush. Ask me any questions that you may have about alpacasso plush, I’ll try my best to answer it ^^

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My Birchbox July Sample Review


Hi guys! It’s been a long long time since my last post >_< Sorry not being able to update. I just got back from my Asia trip, I’ll upload tons of photos soon. OH, I also attended Florida Supercon this year and I must say… I LOVE IT! Me and my friend already planning our next trip to Megacon and Anime Expo, har har har!!

If you love cosplay, you should follow me in Instagram: marlinx or at because I won’t be posting cosplay stuffs in here. =_=

Okay, now, it’s time to do my review on July’s Birchbox!

I got to a point that I need only to keep 1 subscription, instead of two, so I guess I’ll keep Birchbox for another few months. Bye Bye Ipsy 🙁 Hopefully I’ll re-subscribe again in the future.

birchbox july 13 review

This Month’s Theme is Power Play

What’s in the box?

Juliette Has a Gun – Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume | Full-size, $120

What: An elegant and unmistakable scent that is totally addictive

How: Spritz onto pulse points


ModelCo – Party Proof Lipstick | Full-size $19

What: Long-lasting, non-drying pigment that won’t come off on your drink (or significant other).

How: Sweep onto lips. Use the built-in mirror for easier application.


Vivant Skin Care – Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser | Full-size $29.50

What: All-over face and body cleanser packed with antioxidant-rich green tea and grape seed extracts.

How: Double-task by massaging into face and body in the shower.


theBalm cosmetics – InStain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush | Full-size $22

What: Inspired by the best-selling Stainiac, this budge-proof pigment lasts from sunup to sundown.

How: Dust sparingly onto the apples of your cheeks. A little goes a long way!


Birchbox – Bobby Pins | Full-size $5



For more detail please watch the video, but I want to mention the perfume. I LOVE the scent, it’s SO distinctive and different, I am planning to buy a full size! Yay!


For this month’s sample, I’ll give ♥ ♥ ♥ out of 5


Birchbox July Sample Review

My May Ipsy Bag Review Video

ipsy bag review

My May Ipsy Bag Review Video ♥

As usual I want to post a quick short video for what I got from Ipsy.  It up to a point that I need to chose between Ipsy or Birchbox. >_< For past few months I’ve received similar products from both companies and I have to admit I liked Ipsy’s selection better than Birchbox. BUT, Birchbox has better brand… so -_- I don’t know.

Oh well, I’ll worry this later when I come back from my trip, let’s enjoy this crazy fast forwarding short video from me. Hopefully you’ll find something interesting enough. If you want to find out more about some items appeared in the video, you may go to and purchase it.


 My May Ipsy Bag Review

I love Pacifica perfume that I got for this month, Tahitian Gardenia… smells SO good!!


During my travel, I’ll have this new service called “Shop w/RuRu“.

It’s a time limited shopping experience. I’ll give enough time for you to chose items that you like, BUT please remember to pay for the item before time is up. I won’t be able to purchase it if time is expired 🙁 Since I’ll be traveling to places, I won’t be able to go back and purchase again.

I promise the price will be fair plus regular shipping charges, I’ll bring these items back to U.S.

I shall have a test tomorrow and see how you guys think, I want this to be a special event! ^^ Let me know if you have any ideas to improve this service~~


Video: May 13 Birchbox Unboxing~

ruru may birchbox review

Video: May 13 Birchbox Unboxing~

Hi guys! Wanted to post a quick video for my Birchbox beauty sampler for month of May. I won’t be able to post any sampler review till I come back from my trip so…..^^

I’m so far liked few things in the box; perfume and hair detangle serum. I’m always a big fan of perfurme…as long they are flowery or fruity. ^^

“folle de joie” is one of my favorite perfume now ^^ I’ll take it with me on the trip 😀


 My Birchbox unboxing beauty review May 2013

I want to share picture of my new pet Scratch! Oh well, he’s not a real pet BUT I love him as my pet…lol Anyway, here are few cute pictures that I want to share.

Oh, talking about Scratch, I was furious when I got him from a lady who is selling him. She never told me that Scratch were defective! One of his leg was twisted backwards and it was so obvious. I really don’t like people doing that, specially when dealing people.

I won’t sell defective items to my customer UNLESS it is the last one and I always ask customers and TELL them about the item. I do send pictures so they have a clear idea what’s wrong with the item and I always compensate them; either discount or little gift to go with the item.

As a customer, I’m not going to buy anything from her and I think she’s not treating me honestly & fairly. Bad experience -___-


I had to re-sew his leg -_- poor thing, but now he’s good!

scratch and mao mao

My friend said Scratch is a big bully to Mao Mao… :'(

May Sale, Get 10% off of Your Entire Purchase

♥ May Sale, Get 10% off of Your Entire Purchase ♥

Hi guys! I wanted to announce this great sale going on right now in our shop!

Use the code “MAY13” to receive 10% off on your entire purchase! Purchases including ready made items and Pre-Order items. Special discount will end on May 12th, so take this opportunity right now!

Chose your favorite alpacasso plush or “made-to-order” amigurumi collectibles!


Please visit my store:


Please leave comments if you have any questions on this special May Sale Event.

Thank you So much for supporting my little shop, hopefully I’ll bring more cute and unique stuffs in the future. Please take care, TGIF~


xoxo Isabel


[New Items] Cute Amigurumi Bear Charms


♥[New Items] Cute Amigurumi Bear Charms ♥

Hi guys! Just want to show you what’s new in the store!

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Pink Girly Baby Alpacasso Video Review

♥ Pink Girly Baby Alpacasso Video Review ♥

Just wanted to do a quick video review for these cuties. I really liked this collection; they are uber soft and fluffy! Very happy that Amuse is improving the qualities…I’m SO looking forward for May collection. I’ll post picture next week on my Facebook. (

I hope you guys liked the music that I selected, I totally enjoyed…very delightful music , made you wanna dance ^^


 Kawaii Pink Girly Alpacasso Review

Don’t forget to enter my Facebook Giveaway!! ^^

ruru victoria giveaway

Good luck!!!!


Girly Alpacasso

Pink Girly Alpacasso1


RuRu Victoria Facebook Giveaway~

Girly Alpacasso


 RuRu Victoria Facebook Giveaway~ 

 That’s right! We are planning to have a great giveaway!


ruru victoria giveaway


Follow simple steps to register to win a large pin girly alpacasso!

– “Like” our Facebook (

– Share the post on Facebook publicly

– Comment on the post ( in order to get you registered)


Easy right? What are you waiting for? WAIT! There is a catch…..


In order to trigger this giveaway, we need to reach 1000 likes in Facebook, so with a little help we can start this cute and rare giveaway.

I don’t think anyone will want to do a giveaway like this ^^ SO make sure you participate this event!


My Birchbox March Review 2013


♥ My Birchbox March Review 2013 ♥

Hi guys! Just finished another short video for my March Birchbox review.  🙂 Doing video review is much faster than I thought. I think I’ll be doing video review from now on ;P

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My March Ipsy Bag Video Review


My March Ipsy Bag Video Review ♥♥

I’m trying something different this time ^^ Due to my time limitation I want to post a quick video review for my March Ipsy bag. I hope you’ll like this quick video ^^


My rating of March Ipsy Bag : * * * (3 out of 5)

One of the reason is I receive something that I don’t think I’ll use (GLAMRX) and the color of the eye shadow weren’t my favorite colors. -_- Birchbox don’t have better items neither…I’ll post other video tonight (you’ll soon find out what I meant) :3

Okie, hope yo guys have a great weekend! Be happy and be pretty ♥

[Video] Sweet Baby Alpacasso Plush

[Video] Sweet Baby Alpacasso Plush

I forgot to post this video here 😛 I want to give a quick review on this new Alpacasso collection:


My rating on Sweet Alpacasso Plush : * * * * (4 out of 5)

Amuse is doing what they suppose to be, improving their products. They improved the new Kids Alpacasso collection’s issue, which is the legs. They used to have hard foam on the bottom and it is easily broke a part, but now  they widen the legs and make it shorter and softer. Sweet alpacasso may not be able to stand but they surely can sit and looking cute in your room!

I also liked their fur coat. Amuse changed it to a softer fur coat which is very nice to touch! Overall rating for this collection, I’ll give * * * *

To find out more about Sweet Baby Alpacasso, you can visit my store : RuRu Victoria Online Shop

Thank you and have a great day!


Photolog : ” I’m Sorry… :< "


♦ Photolog : ” I’m Sorry… :< ” ♦

I am REALLY sorry…really!! Even I haven’t done anything wrong (lately…). It’s my cute brows, it made me wanna say “Baby, I’m sorry…”

photolog Im sorry



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[Nail Art] Kawaii Seal ~

nail art

♥ [Nail Art] Kawaii Seal ~♥

Hiya, I don’t know why but recently I got interested collecting cute kawaii nail art articles! I HAVE to share this one, this is super cute and easy nail art that you can do.

nail art kawaiii seal14

Hopefully I will use my ugly nails as photo sample next time… 🙁 ugly hands + ugly fingers…lol

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[Pre-Order] Alpacasso Girly, Cubes & Rabuhatto Now Is Open


♥ [Pre-Order] Alpacasso Girly, Cubes & Love Hat Now Is Open ♥

Finally they are here!! 😀 Pre-Order is now open!


I’m SO excited that we got 3 different alpacasso collection in March & April. I LOVE this girly alpacasso collection, I think I”m going to get all 4, it’s SO pretty! The Emoticon (顔文字) Alpacasso are also cute! I’m surprised that they got this cute design. I’m not an emoticon (顔文字)  fan but this is very cute collection. Also Alpacasso cubes and Rabuhatto alpacasso and the famous pirate alpacasso collection!

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Hola! Hello Kitty Got A Smile :) by Javier Mariscal~


♥ Hola! Hello Kitty Got A Smile 🙂 by Javier Mariscal~♥

What?? YEP!  Spanish newspaper “El Diario” reported Javier Mariscal y “Hello Kitty” se dan la mano en una nueva colección!

Partial report:

Six designs of popular Hello Kitty character signed by the Spanish artist Javier Mariscal for a new collection of products were presented today at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo, on the event of the celebration of Spain in Japan, commemorating 400 years of bilateral exchanges.



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Hello Kitty For Cool Men


♠ Hello Kitty For Cool Men ♠

What? Am I writing this correctly? YUP! Here are few Hello Kitty clohing accessories for you cool men out there 😀 Ever imagined to wear something like this cute?

Hello Kitty bow ties1

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The Cutest Angry Frog Ever!

World cutest angry frog2

The Cutest Angry Frog Ever! ♣

OH MY GOODNESSS!!!!! You HAVE to see this to believe. I think this is the cutest angry frog ever! 😀

This is a Desert Rain Frog from South Africa! The correct name of the frog is called Namaqua Rain Frog.  The Namaqua Rain Frog is a species of frog in the Microhylidae family, found in South Africa and possibly Namibia. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry shrubland and sandy shores. It is threatened by habitat loss. O__o We gotta protect these little cuties before they disappear!

You MUST watch the video!! OMG SO CUTE!

World cutest angry frog3

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Snail’s Fairytale World


♦ Snail’s Fairytale World ♦

Hi guys, I want to share with you a series of photographs by a Russian photographer ВЯЧЕСЛАВ МИЩЕНКО. He used macro lens captured and created fairytale like photo collection. Such a talented person!I totally in love with the composition that he created and I hope you’ll enjoy it too! 🙂 You can find ВЯЧЕСЛАВ МИЩЕНКО’s link at the end of the post.

Let’s visit this wonderland ^__^

fairytale like world


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[Tutorial] Heart Shape Hair Style


Hi Guys! Today I want to share with you a very cute hair style that I found online that you can show off your “styling” skill. It’s “heart” shape hair style tutorial, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!


heart shape hair tutorial

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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[For Girls Only] An Intimate Delivery ~ Le Parcel


♥ [For Girls Only] An Intimate Delivery ~ Le Parcel ♥

There are many monthly subscription services around the net, and this is a very specific one…only for girls ^^ YUP, your monthly PMS!


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Cat Shell ~ Kawaii ~


Cat Shell ~ Kawaii ~

Cute cat bed for your baby ♥ This is such a cute design, I totally love it!


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Totoro Cat Train Lego ~


Totoro Cat Train Lego ~

Totoro Lego? Wanted to share this cute Totoro Cat train made by Lego! How cute is this??

It’s not easy to assemble… D: but definitely worth to try 😀 I WANT TO MAKE ONE!!! >_<




New! Upcoming Alpacasso Items ~

Alpacasso News

♥ New! Upcoming Alpacasso Items  ~ ♥

SO excited to tell you guys that in March, we’ll be getting many cute Alpacasso items in the shop!

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Rilakkuma Zodiac Plush ~ Kawaii ~


♦ Rilakkuma Zodiac Plush ~ Kawaii ~ ♦

These are SO cute~ This is the newest collection from SAN-X in celebrate 10th anniversary of Rilakkuma, very special collection from San-X.  ( Warning: a lot of pictures…. cuteness overload)

rilakkuma zodiac

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Jeremy Scott x Adidas 2013


Jeremy Scott x Adidas 2013 

Jeremy Scott an American fashion designer’s newest collaboration with Adidas for Spring 2013! Lovely! When I saw this picture I was like ” OH WOW! ”

poodle jeremy scott shoe adidas

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Get The Adventure Time On Your Face


♠ Get The Adventure Time On Your Face ♠

I’m a huge fan of Adventure Time! I record it and watch over and over again ^ω^. I remember when I first  found out this cartoon I was like “OMG!! These are SO CUTE!”. Specially they got these weird looking monsters!  Since they got famous now, they even have small cosmetic lines for girlsss ♥ ♥ ♥

adventure time


You got Princess Bubblegum Lip Balm, Jake Cherry Lip Balm, Finn Blueberry Lip Balm, Lumpy Space Princess Grape Lip Balm! They also have 2 sets of nail polisher (Finn & Jacke, Princess Bubblegum & LSP). Finn & Jake eye shadows are also cute too!


Aren’t these cute colors? Oh, besides these, they also sells other kawaii accessories like socks, ear buds, and t-shirts. I think I will get the nail polisher and lip balm. Hm, I have hard time to chose between LSP and Finn… Have you tried these yet? 😛

You can find these wonderful items from Hottopic

Adventure Time Nail Art

Adventure Time Nail Art


Stay healthy and be pretty~ ♥ Knowing that self-confidence is not from outside but inside.




My January Ipsy Bag Review


♥ My January Ipsy Bag Review

Hello girls! It’s time for me to do another Ipsy bag review for January. Tell you the truth, it’s been 3 months since I subscribed Ipsy bags and they were able to surprise me every time I open the bag, now, I am looking forward  to receive my bag each month. Bravo Ipsy!


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Super Hero Domo-Chan!


♠ Super Hero Domo-Chan!  ♠

Are you a DOMO fan? If yes, then I have a great news for you! ^__^  Domo is collaborate with DC comics and creating whole bunch of characters including Batman and other well known characters.



Domo + DC Comics in Blind Box Vinyl Figures total 14 figures, you don’t know what you gonna get until you open the box 😀

This collection will be released in Feb 14th, 2013. I don’t know if you can get it online but for sure you can get it in U.S. The suggested retail price is $5.95

Get these surprise box for your DOMO fan friend!


Birchbox January Review


♥ Birchbox January Review ♥

Hi guys, it’s time to do an another review on Birchbox, yay! I am surprised that I received January box early, it usually arrives around the end of the month but this time, wow, I received on 10th of Jan! I hope they can keep up with this time frame. ^_^


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Alpacasso Story – Mighty Sphinx


♦ Alpacasso Story – Mighty Sphinx ♦

Hi guys! Did you like my featured image? 😀 It’s the new category that I have created specially for Alpacasso lovers! I meant, who don’t like alpacasso right? LOL

Wanted to make something really cute and unique, so I’ve created these cute comics for your reading pleasure.Each alpacasso will have their original name PLUS their collection name. For example the newest Eden collection, the pink alpacasso always called Momo, so the character will be called “Eden Momo”


Let me know if you liked these cute alpacasso drawings, I’m really enjoying drawing them and make them come to live!

I AM looking for good plot or ideas for alpacasso story, do you have one? Send me a note and if your plot got accepted your name will appear in one of my alpacasso, sounds fun? 🙂

For those of you are interested in Eden collection please contact me. This collection is scheduled to be released in Japan in Mid-Feb. 2013. I am NOT sure if I want to carry this collection because I’m not very fond of “eden” style. ^___^ BUT, if I get enough inquiry, I might change my mind ;P

For more information on Eden collection:


Be Happy and know someone Loves you ~


Love, Isabel-signature2

Alpacasso Plush “Eden” Collection ~ Paradise!


♥ Alpacasso Plush “Eden” Collection ~ Paradise!  ♥

Alpacasso plush “Eden” collection information is been released! 🙂 I’m So excited to see this upcoming new collection by Amuse.

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Photolog: Strawberry Ramen


♥ Photolog: Strawberry Ramen ♥


I LOVE to eat ramen, this is one of my FAVORITE Japanese food!

This ramen is made with fresh strawberry, butter and soup stock. 🙂 Wow, this picture is making hungry >_< Let’s go eat some! xD


Make Up For Ever Spring 2013 Technicolor Palette


◊ Make Up For Ever Spring 2013 Technicolor Palette ◊

I love colors and this technicolor palette is the newest 2013 Spring collection from Make Up For Ever!  Let me tell ya, I LOVE this eyeshadow  palette!


I’m very sensitive with colors, I love all kinds of colors specially pastel and this…oh my >_< (it just hit my weak spot!) LOL. This pretty eyeshadow palette is already released in Asia on Jan 10th. For International launch date is scheduled end of Jan or early Feb at Sephora and MUFE studio.  This 2013 MUFE collection will be limited edition!

Here are some photos from a Korean blogger using this palette, don’t tell me you don’t like the palette after you see the demo!

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Flower by Drew Barrymore Makeup Collection


♦ Flower by Drew Barrymore Makeup Collection ♦ 

Wow! a makeup collection by Drew Barrymore, my favorite actress? No Way! :O When I found out today I was SUPER excited! 🙂


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Olay Total Effect 7 In One CC Cream – Review


♣ Olay Total Effect 7 In One CC Cream – Review ♣ 

Now there is CC cream! I saw Chanel CC cream commercial last year and was curious about this new cream. I didn’t bother to find out more and forgot all about it until recently. I saw Olay CC cream in the supermarket!

I always love Olay’s products, it has minimum fragrance and the price just very reasonable. I found a lot of whitening products in Asia last year, maybe I should do a review in Summer 😉

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Totally Jelly!! Holika Holika Aqua Jelly BB Cream Review


♥ Totally Jelly!! Holika Holika Aqua Jelly BB Cream Review ♥

Yep, you probably heard about BB cream before and probably are using at the moment and now, CC cream? Will we going to have DD cream in the future?  Haha, we don’t know but we’ll find out in the future.

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Jan~Feb 2013 New Products Info Preview


Hi guys! Just want to give you an update for our upcoming Jan & Feb items. As you may know that we already closed the pre-orders for Sweet Alpacasso (40cm), but you still can pre-order 12cm baby alpacasso.Click SHOP to visit us.

Now, I’m SO excited to introduce you few items that I think it’s cute gift for your Valentine *wink wink* Oh yeah, it’s time to plan now! Although these item are not going to be listed as pre-order, but I definitely can do a special order for you in you’re interested.

Here they are:

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Birchbox Review – December 2012


Happy new year!! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas 🙂  I had a great holiday, small trip here and there, even though I got sick on the way back home but I’m still grateful that I get to spend time with family…that’s priceless!

I know it’s kind of late but still want to do a Birchbox review for what I have received in December. This time I received several items in the box (nothing to eat, darn it!)


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Winter Nail Art: Dark Rose Wine


♥ Winter Nail Art: Dark Rose Wine ♥

Want to try these pretty nail art for the holiday? Let  Mizukitty (西川 瑞希. みずきてぃ)  one of the popular Pop Teen magazine model  to show you how its done!

Using stickers or crystals making 3D nail art, you can easily create these awesome kawaii nails~ Or for more detail, you can purchase Pop Teen magazine Dec. issue.

BTW, I love her hair color!! >__<

Merry Christmas and wish all of you have a wonderful holiday! Our shop is closed and will be reopen on Jan 2nd, 2013!!




Tailly – Show Your Tail When You are Happy

tailly cat tail

♥ Tailly – Show Your Tail When You are Happy ♥


Show us when you are happy! We love to see your tail 😀

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Paper Mario Restaurant!


◊ Paper Mario Sticker Star Restaurant

If you are Mario fan and you live in North America you probably already playing this awesome game since November BUT other countries like Japan and Europe they have to wait till Dec. 6th & 7th to get their copies.

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Hello Kitty x Sephora “Wild Thing” Collection


♥ Hello Kitty x Sephora “Wild Thing” Collection ♥

Not sure if you guys know this, Sephora and Hello Kitty are working together again for their 2nd beautiful girly collection “Wild Thing” 😀 I am very excited to see this cute kitty collection in Sephora because I ALWAYS shop there.

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Street Fighter X Mega Man coming December 17 Free Download



Are you a Street Fighter or Mega Man fan? Have you ever played Street fighter with your brother or friends before?  Girls, maybe this is a little sweet treat for your boyfriend?

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My Ipsy Bag Review – November 2012


♥ My Ipsy Bag Review ♥

Hi guys, I’m So happy to receive my first ever Ipsy bag! I was watching some videos from Youtube and found out that Michelle Phan has this “Beauty Sampler” same as Birchbox, I was like “OH WOW! I want to try!”


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Birchbox Review – November 2012


♥ Birchbox November Sample Review ♥

Hello guys! Finally I have time to write my review on these samples that I received from Birchbox. I felt bad NOT to write anything because these items are so wonderful, I HAVE to let you know!

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Yummy French Pastries


I have been having this huge craving for French pastries since I started to watch the popular Korean Drama “Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog”. I went to one of local French bakery store in hoping to get some macaroon but they didn’t have it that week.

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Sweet Alpacasso & Llama Pre-Order Opened


Sweet Alpacasso  & Llama collections Pre-Order is now opened!

When I first time saw the picture, I was like “WOW! I love all of them, specially the brown one!” I have been looking for a brown alpacasso forever, and now it’s my chance to own one, YAY!

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Thanksgiving Giveaway Prizes Video


Hi guys, just want to give you a quick update on our Thanksgiving Giveaway prizes.

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Makeup Tutorial: Party Makeup Style


♦ Makeup Tutorial: Party Makeup  ♦

Hi guys! I want to share a pretty makeup tutorial with you. This is the “red-lips” party makeup tutorial, I really like how she demonstrated. If you have the same highlight palette ( Make Up For Ever Black Tango Palette ), why don’t you try it for upcoming Christmas & New Year party?

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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Surprise! It’s in the cake!


♥ Surprise! It’s in the cake! ♥

Have you wonder how to surprise someone with a cake? Well, here is a new trend of cake making, everything goes to inside, instead of outside! xD I first saw this kind of cake from a Korean Drama “Miss Panda and Hedgehog”

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Wanna eat some panda? Go to Panda Restaurant!


♠Wanna eat some panda? Go to Panda Restaurant!♠

Most of the panda fans will be thrilled when they see this cute restaurant opened in Japan! This restaurant called Ueno Green Salon (上野グリーンサロン) it is near Ueno Park. If you happened to be around the area you can visit this unique panda restaurant and be surrounded by pandas! xD

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Thanksgiving Giveaway


♥ Thanksgiving Giveaway ♥

YAY!! It’s the time again! I’m SO excited to announce this special Thanksgiving Giveaway! I am going to Disney’s Epcot Center Theme Park and wanted to do a special Disney theme Giveaway~

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Baby Bunny Pillow


♥ Baby Bunny Pillow ♥

Just finished this super soft bunny pillow and I’m SO happy! YAY! finally I took time to make something for myself ^___^

This bunny is my first hand sew  plush, still a lot to adjust, I might do a second version and make even bigger!

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Kawaii Makeup Dresser


♦ Kawaii Makeup Dresser ♦

The popular makeup dresser in Korea.  Are you curious what you can put in there?  Almost every girl own one of this little decorative wooden box.


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[Pre Order] Alpacasso Plush Happy Snow

happy-snow alpacasso plush

[Pre Order] Alpacasso Plush Happy Snow ♥

Are you ready for this? If you liked fluffy big alpacasso plush here is your chance to pre order one!

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Super Cute Persian Cat


Super Cute Persian Cat

Found these cutest pictures through Instagram! Cutest fluffy Persian cat ever!!

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Tutorial : Princess Nail Art


Princess Nail Art ♥

Gotta be pretty, gotta be cute, here comes a super simple but very cute Princess nail art tutorial for you!

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King Robot Micky & Friends


♥♥ King Robot Micky & Friends ♥♥

Bandai Corp released a new toy robot ; “King Robot Micky & Friends”, it’s like transformer robot that we saw on the market, instead of cars they used Disney Mickey and his friends. Creative, huh? 🙂

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Hello Kitty Rocks ~ by Swarovski


♥♥♥ Hello Kitty Rocks ~ by Swarovski ♥♥♥

OMG! Swarovski is collaborating with Hello Kitty again! Remember last year that  they had this cute romantic series? Now, they got Hello Kitty Rocks series, it’s cute and cool!

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Hero – Cat~ Protect Your…


♠♠Hero * Cat ~ Protect Your…♠♠

What what? Who is going to protect me…or my files? HERO CAT!

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World Most Expensive Teddy Bear!!


♥♥World Most Expensive Teddy Bear!!♥♥

A teddy bear exhibition just opened last weekend in Roppongi Hiruzu (六本木Hills), in there, you can find the most expensive bear 😛 Wanna check it out?

**Warning, cuteness overload!

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Birchbox Review – October 2012


♥ ♥ ♥ Birchbox Review – October 2012 ♥ ♥ ♥

Here we go again, another review from wonderful Birchbox! I absolutely love this month’s samples. When I saw the spoiler for Oct. box I was thinking “OMG, I want this….and that…”

I was afraid that I couldn’t get the item that I want to try. BUT BUT BUT xD I got them!

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Tokyo Banana Roar


♣ Tokyo Banana Roar ♣

Ever tried this cute banana cake? Yummy~

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Kawaii Fashion Outlook: Cute winter coat


 Kawaii Fashion Outlook: Cute winter coat 

Hi guys! I found this cutest coat online for this Fall/Winter, I wanted to share with you guys, isn’t it the cutest coat ever?  They are gorgeous! 😀 Japan is famous to make kawaii stuffs that’s including fashion.

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Baby Alpacaffe: How may we serve you?


Baby Alpacaffe: How may we serve you?

Just received these cuties and I can’t wait to share with you guys! They looked ADORABLE!

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Birchbox Review – September 2012


♥ Birchbox Review – September 2012 Birchbox ♥

I know it’s kinda late but I really want to share few products that I received in Sep. from Birchbox. Here are my thoughts on birchbox review.


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Amigurumi Puppy No. 17


This cute amigurumi puppy is finally finished 🙂 I was not happy with her dress so I added lace trim on top of the dress and now looked nicer ^_^

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November Product Preview


November Product Preview  ♥


♦ Time to buy gifts?

Few new items will be available in Mid-Nov. such as fabric plush, cell phone purse, Cute plush key chain… November will be a very exciting month!

This is the PERFECT time to select gifts for the holiday ^^


♦ Time for another giveaway?

Yup! November giveaway is going to be special. Follow us on Facebook to receive more information!


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Hello Kitty DJ in the house!


Hello Kitty DJ in the house! 

Ever imagine the cute Hello kitty will be a DJ some day? No in my mind, LOL! It’s been a year but I still wanted to write this post about DJ HK. She’s so cute! Maybe when I visit Japan I’ll go there and dance with her. ^^

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[Review] Smacker To-Ki-O Treats Limited Collection & Giveaway


 ♥ ♥ [Review] Smacker To-Ki-O Treats ♥ ♥

I Went to Walmart this afternoon and found something very interesting call to-ki-o treats. The packaging  has baby Mickey & Minnie mouse, pinkish color with Japanese words “真実の愛” means true love.


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Cat Ear Beret Hat, Must have For This Winter~


♦ Cat Ear Beret Hat, Must have For This Winter~ ♦

A must buy for Fall/Winter, this is PERFECT for anyone who loves cute & Japanese accessories.

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Wanna be fit? Follow yoga Pets


Wanna be fit? Follow yoga Pets <3

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Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty

samsung galaxy Y hello-kitty-phone

♥ Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty ♥

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OMG! Look at that Catzilla!


OMG! Look at that catzilla! O__O (Arlistan “Le Gató”)

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Kyarypamyupamyu G.U. endorsement


Kyarypamyupamyu G.U. Fashion Monster endorsement ♥ Pamyu’s fashion endorsement~~

Stumble upon Pamyu’s new video and couldn’t ignore this cutie’s TV commerical ^^ OMG! it is very different… comtinue read this to watch Kyarypamyupamyu’s newest TV commercial.

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September Store Updates – baby alpacas


Just want to give you guys few updates on new items that I recently received.

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Kawaii Kapibarasan


Kawaii Kapibarasan カピバラさん! If you have not yet heard of this cutie, please read my blog to find out more about Kapibarasan <3 BE CAREFUL! Cuteness overload, a lot of pictures!!

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Wanna Eat A Hello Kitty Meat Bun?


Wanna Eat A Hello Kitty Meat Bun? Oh yeah, bring it, bring it baby!

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Rilakkuma Halloween Limited Edition


Rilakkuma Halloween Limited Edition (リラックマハロウィーンぬいぐるみ!)

” Trick or treat! ” Cute Rilakkuma will be dressed in costume for Halloween this year! Limited edition Rilakkuma Halloween plush toy will be released in all San-X stores.

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Hello Kitty: Kitty Robot Exhibition~


Hello Kitty: Kitty Robot Exhibition~

A very unique exhibition for charity in Omotesando Hills Japan. The theme of the charity is ” Kitty Robot~ Messenger of the future” Exhibition featured many famous Japanese artists including manga master, singers and painters, Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the celebrity participated this charity event <3

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Faux Tail For iPhone, Cute!

 Faux Tail For Iphone 

 Faux Tail For iPhone, Cute! OMG, this is SO Kawaii~ Wanna get one? I know I want one…xD


Faux Tail For iPhone

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2N1 Doll Doll Mascara~SHINee favorite!


Edit: SORRY that I forgot to include the video, here is the video that I promised!!!!  >_<

2N1 Doll Doll Mascara~SHINee favorite! I love their commercial and all of their ads, so creative and pretty! Etude House invited popular Korean singers Dara from 2N1 and SHINee.

I love this commercial! All of the guys were in love with the same girl BUT they made her in different places. The famous phrase that the guy said “Never be fooled by girl’s eyelashes…” LOL, such a funny phrase. Scroll down to watch the commercial video. 🙂 I like Dara, she is very cute!

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Lucky Bag Giveaway Now!

 Lucky Bag Giveaway Now! 


Hi guys! Just want to give you a quick update on my newest giveaway. My giveaway is simple, just subscribe my blog and like my facebook page ( then you are eligible to enter my giveaway drawing. A winner (1) will be selected from my subscriber list and will be announced in my Facebook page on Sep . 5th

I am planning to do this giveaway on a regular basis, so make sure you register with correct email address and activate subscription.

Few things that I want to improving this site. I wanted to add more posts about fashion, makeup and beauty tips. Reviews on the products that I tried, restaurants also cosmetic procedures such as laser rejuvenation and skin resurfacing.

Continuing with kawaii stuffs; bringing kawaii items from Asia to my online shop, making OOAK original handcraft items. 🙂

Thank you for your support! Hopefully I can continue to do this as long as possible. <3 <3


Alpaca Plush Preorder in Ruru Victoria Shop Is Now Opened!


Alpaca Plush Preorder in Ruru Victoria Shop Is Now Opened!

Hi guys, just want to write a quick post to tell you that I’ve added 3 new alpaca plush in the shop for preorder.

If you are interested please visit my shop at to find out more. All these alpaca plush will be released in Japan in Mid-Sep so if you ordered from me, please wait for 1~2 weeks after the item is released in Japan for you to receive your item.

Usually my vendor is very fast but you never know what happens during transit. :S

Please message me if you have any questions regarding these cute alpaca plush, I will try my best to answer 🙂 As usual, I’m very good at replying emails and messages.

Thank you SO much for your kind support. I know we will all have a great school year! xD


AHOY! Alpaca Sailors~


AHOY alpaca sailors! Sailing away to the unknown world, let’s start our dangerous adventure and find wonderful treasures!


Ballerina Baby Alpaca Pre-Order

Special Pre Order Ballerian Baby Alpaca

HI guys! Just a quick  announcement for this cute Ballerina collection.

I just received a message from my vendor saying that they got limited quantities of small Ballerina Baby Alpaca collection in. The plush is around 12cm tall and very girl and cute. I fall in love when the first time I saw the picture! <3

Quick note: since this is a very short notice, I need to gather orders ready and place it ASAP. So, I’m giving a week to collect pre-orders. Please let me know if you’re interested so I can send you invoice. Or you may go to my store place your pre-order ===> RuRu Victoria Shop.

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Kawaii Häagen-Dazs Kuma Sundae


Kawaii Häagen-Dazs Kuma Sundae, which is your favorite bear? Go to Kawaii Blog to find out more!

Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Collection


Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Collection  newest collaboration work is out! I’m very surprised that Louis Vuitton is working with another Japanese artist…maybe because of Japanese market?

I am not sure but this is an interesting collection. After seeing what’s coming from Louis Vuitton I must say that it is unlike the previous Muramaki collection. I’m curious about Yayoi Kusama, I did a little research about her and found out that she is…uhm how should I say, different?

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Pre-Order Alpaca|Arpakasso Preview


Pre-Order Alpaca | Arpakasso Preview for July and Augus! Just want to give you guys a heads up what’s coming. I am So excited to see SO many cute alpacas collection are coming out this year. I can’t wait to get them all! ^^

Hello Kitty Skull


What? What are you saying? YUP. Hello Kitty is going punk! Hello Kitty Skull series is coming on July 2012~

Kawaii Amigurumi No. 13 Chocolate


I finished my amigurumi no. 13 ; Chocolate. This is a kawaii amigurumi plush that you don’t wanna miss! >_< Check out this post and find out more about this kawaii amigurumi plush collection.

Harajuku Cat Ear Hair Style


Harajuku Cat Ear Hair Style, most popular hair style now in Harajuku Japan. To find out more please click Mao Mao link Kawaii


NecoMimi Neurowear


NecoMimi Neurowear The Kawaii ears that display your emotion! Keep reading by clicking Kawaii

Kawaii Sheepy Plush Purse


New items in store! Popular kawaii sheepy plush purse are now available in the store! This is one of the popular item in Korea, many girls wear them on the neck or carry it like a cute little plush purse. Perfect gift for someone loves fairy kei or decora style!

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KAWAII Rilakkuma Deco Watch


OMG, SO kawaii Rilakkuma Deco Watch! I totally want one! @[email protected]

Amigurumi Crochet Bear: Snow White No.12


Cute Story about Snow White, about sharing. Amigurumi Snow White and Mao Mao

Ruru Victoria 1st Giveaway Event!


YUP! Finally I have finalized our 1st ever giveaway!

All the information are posted in Facebook, ask me if you have any questions:

RuRu’s 1st Giveaway Started! 😀
1 winner will get all:
– 1 Mini Coin Purse (as in the picture)
– 1 Random Fashionable Baby Alpaca Plush (13 cm)
– $10.00 off Store Coupon for future purchase.

1 Random Winner will receive:
– 1 Kawaii puppy dust cover plug for cell phone

Winners will be announced in June 1, 2012 ^^

Make sure you share this post as public so I will be able to verify.

What Do I Have To Do?

1. “Like” RuRu Victoria Shop

2. Comment and share the post in Facebook

3. Subscribe RuRu Victoria’s Blog

That’s it! 🙂


Puppy Dust plug for cellphone (perfect for iPhone)


How cute!


You could win one of this cutie 😀

Hopefully this is good start for giveaway…I am planning to make more giveaways in the future, so SUPPORT SUPPORT ^^

Thank you guys and have great weekend~

God Bless~


Rilakkuma Petite Restaurant Figurine


Just too cute! Rilakkuma Petite Restaurant figurine set of 8 is available in Japan. Read more in Mao Mao Blog.

Most Popular iPhone App Used By Japanese Girls


Most Popular iPhone App Used By Japanese Girls. A research recently wants to find out what are the popular app used among Japanese girls

Violent Mario Brother?


What? Mario become violent? D: Watch the violent Mario from here!

Kawaii Boyz 2


Just posted 2nd post for Kawaii Boyz, tell me if you are agreed with me 🙂

My 30 Days Diet Menu Part 4


Here is final post for my 30 days Diet Meals!  Check out, you WILL get hungry just by looking at these pictures! 😛

Snack Time For Mao Mao


Snack Time For Mao Mao, watching my youtube channel find out mao mao video and more, he’s my non-living pet, love Mao Mao

Real LIfe Barbie Dolls?


Real Life Dolls? Take a look at Mr. Hayden Wood created these amazing photography using Photoshop to make Barbie real!

Photo Of The Moment: GO GO Shopping!


Today I went shopping and got many things and I love them all!

Cute Amigurumi NO.11 Playful Bunny


Just finished made-to-order Amigurumi Crochet Bunny, Cute Amigurumi No. 11 Playful Bunny Cute little bunny likes to play with you~

Alpaca|arpakasso PreOrder Batch 7


Pre-Order Batch No. 7 Cute Alpaca|arpakasso is now opened! Please read and make your selection before closing date!

May Releases:      CLOSED

Mini Party Alpacas (8cm)

Fashionable Baby Alpacas (13cm)


June Releases: Closing date: May 25th

2012 Olympic Alpacas (55cm)

Pirates of the baby alpacas (13cm)

Pirates of the Caribbean (35cm)


Please let me know your order by commenting this post :

– Item name/number

– Quantity

– Paypal email address

Or send email to :[email protected]

Thank you

RuRu Victoria Shopping Guideline

Here are some general guidelines when ordering from the shop:

 Pre-Order Procedure: 



1. Place order before closing date.

2. Product # or Item name

3. Paypal email address

4. Where you live? ( U.S. or International )



After received your initial order information, I will send you an invoice and please pay your invoice within three (3) days. Only paid orders will be processed. All Pre-Orders have limited quantities, meaning if you can not pay or changed your mind please let me know so I can cancel the invoice and give the spot to other buyers.

If you have trouble to pay within 3 days but you are committed to buy, please let me know so I can hold your spot and will not cancel your invoice.

I occasionally will have very few limited alpacas available in my shop and at Storenvy. If you missed pre-order batch, you can always check the SHOP section or Storenvy to see if the item you liked is in there.


 Amigurumi Plush & Charms
Amigurumi Plush
Made-To-Order: Usually takes around 2 1/2 weeks to finish. Once it is finished I will send a picture of the finished plush and will send out via USPS with a sturdy shipping box.
Ready to ship: Will ship the item either on Wednesday or Friday
Ready to ship: Will ship the item on Wednesday or Friday
Custom Made: Takes a week to complete and will ship on Wednesday or Friday via USPS with thick bubble envelope.
 Shipping & Handling: 

– All items are carefully packed either in a sturdy shipping box or bubbled envelope, depending on the items.

– Delivery Confirmation Tracking Number now is optional ($0.90).  Free Delivery Confirmation & Tracking # for orders $50 or more.

– USPS is our primary shipping choice.

– Shipping Date: Every Wed & Friday



Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

We are usually can respond your email within 24hours or faster 🙂


Thank you SO much, have a great time shopping lovely Alpaca plush~



Kitty Charm


My 3rd attempt making charms, LOL come and take a look what I made!

Kitty Charms


Baby Alpaca Plush Haul Video


Hi guys! Just quickly wanna share with you a video that I just uploaded; Baby Alpaca Plush Haul For those of you reading my blog all know that I do sell Japanese popular toy- Alpaca.

You can watch it on my blog or visit my Youtube channel :RuRu Victoria



[Review] Bon appétit! Délicieux Macaron


Hi guys, read my reviews on french bakery store near my area~

[ Reviews ] Bon appétit! Délicieux Macaron French Bakery


Kawaii Baby Alpaca Plush Box Arrived!


To read more please click -> Kawaii Baby Alpaca Plush Box Arrived

I’d like to get your feedback on which is your favorite pictures in this post. If you guys can help me out, it will be super! ^^ Thanks a lot~


Instagram: Picture Of The Moment


Hi guys, just uploaded a cute picture of Mao Mao from Instagram, do you use instagram? I really liked the effects of this app. Read more on my blog

Instagram: Photo Of The Moment


[Blog] My 30 Days Diet Meals Part 3


Continue with my 30 days diet meals in part 3. If you have followed my other posts please enjoy this 3rd sample meals. If you missed others here are the links ” My 30 days Diet Meals ”  & ” My 30 days Diet Meals Part 2 ” Next post I will add drinks ^^

Have fun reading~ 

Amigurumi Crochet Doll No 9 Golden Puppy


Amigurumi puppy number 9 is finally ready!


Tory Burch Spring 2012 Bags Look book


Read more about Tory Burch Spring Handbag Look Book, please go to Kawaii Blog to find out more, thanks~

Kawaii Alpaca News April


Hi guys, here is the Kawaii Alpaca News, please click ” Kawaii Alpaca Plush” link to read more. From now on, I will update item related post in here. Trying to give you what’s coming and what are the new releases in Japan. Should you have any question in any of the items please leave your note in here, I will try my best to answer. In case you are interested in any of the products in here, please note that I now have a quota for minimum order, which is at least 10 items.

As long I reached 10 items, I will be able to negotiate a better price. If not, items will be priced individually. I now have “Store Discount”   for returning customers. A lot of customers already received my Discount Coupon by email. If I missed anyone (returning customers only), please let me know.


 April Product Review 

 Kawaii Alpaca Plush


Cute Amigurumi Bunny No10 Finished


~ Amigurumi No. 10 Pink Bunny ~

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Website Reconstruction

Hi guys, thought I like to mention this…I felt that I should make a new search friendly site. It’s not easy to find available items or kinda confusing to search 🙁 I am working on a new page, I promise it will be cute and a lot easier to find things that you’re looking or searching for. When I finally finished, I will have a giveaway contest to celebrate my new site ^^. In the meantime, information on Alpacas and other items will still be updated as usual.

Thank you so much for all the support and I’m very excited about my new site xD

Kawaii Alpaca Plush Product Review Video


~ New Product Video For My Cuties ~

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Easter Charm Commission Showcase



Easter Charm Commission Showcase

NYX Dark Eye Shadows Crimson Amulet Palette


NYX Dark Eye Shadows Crimson Amulet Palette

Source from ( Kawaii Mao Mao )

RuRu Victoria Kawaii Alpaca Youtube Video


Hello guys! I made my 1st product review video last night and I am SO excited to share with you! I used cute Japanese song sang by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Oh my isn’t she a cutie? I’m planning to write more about her! I LOVE her makeup style and dresses! xD

I am planning to release more videos about the products that I’m currently offering. Including my handmade Amigurumi, charms and of course the famous baby Alpaca plush ^^ Please subscribe my Chanel to receive updates OR you can subscribe my blog ^___^

Another thing, I will try… I say.. TRY to upload shipping videos. Means that I will be recording what’s going out on the package…if you buy from me, you can expect that I will have a short video for your package ^___^

Let me know if there is anything that you want me to be included in the video, I will try my best to accommodate your request. xD Once again, BIG thank you for your support and please stay tune for more exciting news!



RuRu Victoria Kawaii Alpaca Youtube Video


Cute Alpaca Plush For Sale


May 8th: All available Items will be displayed in My Storenvy shop. You may find selection on 1st post under “shop”, thanks~

April 15th : Added more items in here, all ready to be shipped.

April 10th, 2012 Update:

  • BUY NOW button fixed!
  • Spring Special Deal: FREE SHIPPING Worldwide when purchase 2 or more items.

 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Just want to update what’s available in my shop…I found my blogs are kinda confusing, so I am going to do updates more frequently. As you may know I usually put “SOLD” or “RESERVED” on all my items, if you don’t see it  that means items still available. I’m putting Paypal “Buy Nowa” button next to items, and of course if items are fully sold, it will not let anyone place any more.

“Buy Now” button will apply to all Pre-Orders, Amigurumi plush as well. Of course, I will set quantities on the Pre-Order items. When numbers are reached it will not let anyone place any orders. Not sure how this will lead to the future but I will consider official shop once sales are more steady.

Okie, here are some of my cuties 🙂 Take a look and leave comment if you have any questions, Happy Shopping~



Baby Macaroon (10cm) $22.00 /$4.00 S&H




Baby Curly Alpaca Pink (10cm) $25.00 /$3.75 S&H



Baby Alpaca Japan City (10cm) $25.00 /$3.75 S&H


Flower Baby Alpaca Brwon (10cm) $25.00 + $3.75 S&H


  Available at Alpaca Store

Fusajiro Puppies (15cm) $25.00 w/$3.75 S&H




Cotton Candy Alpaca (50cm) $79.95 USD SOLD

Please let me know where you live so I can send you an invoice with correct shipping charges.

US & Canada: $15.00 USD

International: $25 ~30 USD


 Baby Alpaca Macaroon Pink (10cm) $25.00 /$3.75 S&H



Thank you!

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